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LUX GAAP Summary
Our team is glad to provide accountants, FS professionals and in general the international business community in Luxembourg with a clear, precise and user friendly LUX GAAP website tool. Please feel free to contact us to amend or enhance the quality of this "dynamic " time saving tool. All the PCN (= Plan Comptable Normalisé = Standard Chart of Accounts = SCA) accounts and sub-accounts are disclosed in French (prevailing language), English and German. The same applies to the financial statements captions and sub-captions. We sincerely hope you will enjoy using it.


  Small Companies Medium Sized Companies Large Companies Holding Companies

Balance Sheet

abridged version full version full version Holding version

P&L Statement

abridged version abridged version full version Holding version

PCN Overview

Balance Sheet Main Accounts Profit & Loss Main Accounts

PCN Classes

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7


Why this website tool ?

This web tool is the result of our personal consulting experience with our clients since the financial statements e-filing became compulsory for the first time in Luxembourg at the beginning of 2012. Additionally it is a tool that will save you time when preparing financial statements or booking transactions.

Who is concerned to use the standard chart of accounts ?

All Luxembourg businesses which are required to produce annual accounts must publish their accounts in accordance with the standard chart of accounts. The following businesses are NOT subject to the standard chart of accounts:

  • traders who are natural persons and partnerships (SENC, SECS) with turnover of less than EUR 100,000 excluding VAT (upon approval of the Minister of Justice);
  • credit institutions;
  • insurance and reinsurance companies;
  • SEPCAVs (société d'épargne-pension à capital variable - pension fund company with variable capital);
  • SICAVs and financial holding companies whose activities are limited to investing in transferable securities or acquiring holdings;
  • temporary business associations and participating business associations;
  • companies which, following the approval of the Minister of Justice, can prepare their accounts according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or other standards.

  • Are the requirements for Small, Medium and Larger companies the same ?

    If 2 out of the 3 following criteria are not exceeded during 2 consecutive financial years :

      Small Companies Medium Sized Companies Large Companies

    Total Assets (M EUR)

    < 4,4 > 4,4 and < 17,5 > 17,5

    Total Turnover (M EUR)

    < 8,8 > 8,8 and < 35 > 35
    Total Average Employees < 50 people > 50 people and < 250 people > 250 people

    Once determinded the size of the company you can determine the type of LUX GAAP set of fiancial statements:

      Small Companies Medium Sized Companies Large Companies

    Balance Sheet

    abridged version full version full version
    Profit and Loss Statement abridged version abridged version full version
    Notes to the annual accounts abridged version full version full version

    Listed companies (issue of shares and/or debtentures) need to apply the full version of the LUX GAAP set of financial statements..

    Mandatory use of Holding Forms dedicated to "Sociétéé de Participation Financière = SOPARFI - art. 31 amended Law 19th December 2002".

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